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“Bioethics is a discipline of survival that studies the human behavior under the light of moral values and principles, which makes possible the equilibrium of the entire ecosystem, taking the human being to its own inner awareness, in the present time, to ensure the future”.

Wayuu Ethnic Group –Universidad El Bosque

Jiiya tuu wakupaipa junarin lotturin juamaa tuu narin maleiva jupula a nain naa wayuu kana.




Degree: Magister in Bioethics. Specialist in Bioethics.

Aimed professionals:

The bioethics program has a interdisciplinary nature; professionals applicating for the Magister and Specialization programs should have a university degree in health sciences (medicine, odontology, nursery, among others); in humanities and related disciplines like sociology, ecology, anthropology, education, psychology, law, economy; and in engineering (environmental, agricultural, sanitary, forest, systems, etc.)



The program includes: theoretical sessions (conferences, seminars, etc.) and practical sessions: hospital ethics committees, discussion of cases, narrative ethics, reading and review of texts and articles.

Further information:

Universidad El Bosque
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Director: Jaime Escobar Triana M.D. Fil, Bioética













Carrera 7d Bis No. 129-47
Tels: 6489036 – 6489039 Fax: 2166233
Bogotá, Colombia