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Resolution No. 6227 of the Ministerio de Educación de la República de Colombia , December 26, 2005 – SNIES Code.


“The age we live in is perhaps unique since, unlike prior ages, its problems and possibilities come from the same source: the extraordinary achievements of science and technology. The new power over nature, including humans as part of it, and over the entirety of the planet (Gaia), will determine the future of civilization and depends on how intelligently we use technologies”

Jaime Escobar Triana




Degree: Ph.D. in Bioethics.

Aimed professionals:

The applicants must be accredited professionals in any of the disciplines of the health sciences, environmental sciences, social sciences, humanities, basic sciences, arts and engineering.


  • Application cost: 0.5 s.m.m.l.v.*
  • Enrollment: 13.1 s.m.m.l.v.*

*s.m.m.l.v = legal Colombian minimum monthly wage in force.

Further information:

Universidad El Bosque
Carrera 7d Bis No. 129-47
Phone: (571) 6489036 – (571) 6489039
Fax: (571) 2166233
Multiline: (571) 63313768 ext. 540
Bogotá D.C., Colombia



Director: Jaime Escobar Triana M.D. Fil, Bioética













Carrera 7d Bis No. 129-47
Tels: 6489036 – 6489039 Fax: 2166233
Bogotá, Colombia