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Bioethics, diversities and exclusion

August 10 th and 11 th, 2007

Bogotá , Colombia


The International Seminar of Bioethics of Universidad El Bosque continues the tradition of putting into debate topics of academic, investigative and scientific dynamism within the current bioethical landscape. Such is the case of diversities and exclusion, the central topic in this, its thirteenth version. It will deal, mainly, with: 1) The recognition of sexual, gender, ethnic, religious and national diversities; 2) The studies about multiculturalism, interculturality and pluralism, and; 3) The positive or negative impacts of diversity over exclusion, discrimination and poverty.


The recognition of diversities –plural- in a society more and more complex, interconnected and multicultural, poses a series of bioethical and moral tensions to bioethics, whose analyses cannot be postponed. Cultural diversity is, by the way, excluded and, therefore, it is necessary to resume the study in depth of the cultural and bioethical implications of discrimination, segregation and, in summary, all exclusions motivated by sex, gender, race, creed, ideology, conscience, ethnic group or nation.


The XIII International Seminar of Bioethics in this regard raises questions and challenges about which it is mandatory to become aware, in order to study them in a progressive way. Discrimination, exclusion, the postponement of policies, inequity, injustice and non-recognition, are central topics when thinking about autonomy, justice, welfare and non-maleficence. As the days go by, the sensitivity towards these topics grow, not only because of the bioethical consequences over the principles, but also because of the cultural implications given the moral dilemmas caused by the technological pressures.


Dr. Carlos Zambrano, Bogotá, February 27, 2007.



  • Diversities and Discrimination: between modernity and postmodernity: Gilbert Hottois ( Belgium )
  • Bioethics, Immigration and mixed races (the European case, the Spanish case ): Javier Sádaba ( Spain )
  • Sexual diversity and exclusion: Jaime Escobar Triana ( Colombia )
  • Bioethics and cultural diversity: preface for a plural program against social exclusion: Carlos Vladimir Zambrano ( Colombia )
  • Exclusion and bioethics challenges: Edgar Novoa ( Colombia )
  • Nation, narrative and exclusion: José María Siciliani ( Colombia )
  • Biology, diversities and exclusion: Alvaro Cadena ( Colombia )
  • New forms of neo-racism: Sergio de Zubiría ( Colombia )
  • Bioethics and rights claims: Constanza Ovalle ( Colombia )
  • System gender-sex importance (or not) in posyhumanity. Luis Guillermo (Brigitte) Baptiste ( Colombia )

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